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company profile pt mutu hijau lestari

PT Mutu Hijau Lestari is a private company whose business is operated through a partnership with an experienced farmer will produce a wide variety of plant seeds and plant of forest. PT Mutu Hijau Lestari was established in 2008 so it is quite experienced in this regard. With the aim to play an active role in bringing about the success of government programs. Through innovative investment system reached maximum of tree. Through tree planting jabon in every critical area, vacant land and partnering with sales management mutually beneficial between farmers, land owners, investors, investors in tree planting activities.

PT Mutu Hijau Lestari fully believe that this is the fastest way to achieve these targets and poverty reduction as well as highly effective people. PT Mutu Hijau Lestari has policies by contributing to help farmers who need help planting seed capital, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, social status, age and any situation. But the word "need" will be judged by the problem. Where seed aid will be adjusted to the needs of the land available, making it possible to not educate farmers as seed sellers only.

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